The Sloonies

January 2019

I've made a few prototype 2D games in the past, in Unity and in Click Fusion 2.5. I did originally do a few in Unreal 4 before I learned the software properly too. This is a mash of all my Unreal 4 experience and creative output. The characters are third party, but I'm looking to replace them in the future.

3D Puzzle Platformer 

Late 2018

With this Puzzle Platformer, I wanted to make it really hands off, to allow you to think for yourself. The game is intended to get more difficult while slowly adding new features as the levels progress. 

Origin of the Unknown: WIP

March 2018 - September 2018

The project had been ongoing since March 2018, we were working on a casual time basis although at times I spend most of my days modelling, texturing and making the environments for this game. 

I've been really brushing my knowledge up on texturing the last two years, really trying to dive into the PBR workflow. Learning new things each day!

For Origins of the Unknown I was the only environment artist, making the props, buildings and the level for the showcase world we are hoping to release.

Most of the art work has been created by myself but there are some prototype props in there such as infinity blade environment pack.

I eventually resigned from this project after 6 months to follow other ambitions. 


Zombie Rail Shooter: Prototype

 Oct 2016

I made this project alone, it took me a few weeks but I was able to learn many new things in UE4 including blueprinting, animation and AI behaviour trees.

Hangry UE4 January GameJam 2016

I worked on environment art, props and level design for both of these games. The audio used at the start of Hangry was made by me. Programming and characters were not made by me.

Apple Fox UE4 October MegaJam 2015

All artworks created by Daniel Paine unless stated otherwise.