About Me

Hey there! 


My name is Daniel and I'm a graduate of University of South Wales, I studied BA Game Art.

Since finishing University, I've experimented in different aspects of game design alongside 3D art.  Some of these include  2D art, animation, level design, programming, rigging and sound design. It's been nice to experience these other areas, but my passion lies in 2D/3D art, level design and programming. 

As a 3D artist, I prefer to model hard surface models, more than any other category, but I do have experience in creating characters and other organic models. In the time after University, my knowledge of texturing has improved mostly, which has landed me some freelance gigs in both mobile and PC games. I would like to develop myself as a 3D artist alongside my other prefered areas. 


You should be able to see the programs I use on the right-hand side, but to expand on this, I'm most experienced in Maya and Unreal 4 alongside the texturing tools such as Substance Painter, NDO2/DDO2, Photoshop, XNormals and Zbrush.


I prefer to be contacted via email: danielpaine@hotmail.co.uk for any inqueries or feedback.


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28, Lover of chicken & everything game related

All artworks created by Daniel Paine unless stated otherwise.